Eugenia Place, English Bay

Three years ago Aaron Mackenzie-Moore Design asked us to collaborate on the creation of a sculpture to hang in the lobby of a building that they were re-designing. Eugenia Place, located in the heart of English Bay, is one of the most iconic buildings in Vancouver’s West End. Designed by Henriquez Partners Architects in 1987, one of the tower’s most striking features is the large oak tree that sits atop the building, alluding to the height of the giant cedar and fir trees that once lived in this very place.

We worked closely with Aaron to create a piece that would quietly enter into the poetic conversation that Henriquez Partners had, decades before, established between the earth, the oak and the sky above. The sculpture’s many repeating branchlike forms create a whole that is part reflection of the tree above, part intimation of it’s roots and part echo of the geometries of the forest.

In July of 2018 - this piece, built entirely from reclaimed Douglas fir that we had long before salvaged (waiting for just such a project) - was finally installed.

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