A proposal for President Trump

Recently, the Trump administration announced plans to put a call out to architects and designers for proposals for the new Mexican border wall, so we decided to take a quick crack at it. The design brief (we gave ourselves) was simple: create a concept for a wall that allows the President to save face and fulfill his election promise while at the same time staying true to the values that make America great. We've given our solution the working title of "The Liberty Wall" evoking the iconic statue and the words of Emma Lazarus that grace her podium.

Submitted for your consideration:

Mt. Baker WA. Summer Solstice

Last weekend, after 4+ decades of admiring this beautiful mountain from a distance, we finally did the summit hike. Took advantage of the longest day of the year by having the shortest sleep of the year, out of our bivies at 2:00 am, geared up and tromping up the Coleman glacier by 3:00 am under a canopy of stars. The conditions were excellent, and 7:00 am found us with the sun in our faces and the summit proper a short distance away across the dome. The whole trip was spectacular from start to finish, still buzzing from the beauty and scale of the place.  


Well into a beautiful Vancouver summer, it has already been a month since Propellor took part in a gorgeous exhibit of Vancouver art, furniture and lighting design called ADDRESS. ADDRESS was (and will be again next year) a design show that is part pop-up shop, part gallery and part showroom. Curated and produced by the talented furniture designer/maker Kate Duncan, ADDRESS brought together 16 Vancouver-based designers, each with a unique voice and approach to their medium. The common denominator amongst all of the work is a real passion for natural materials; wood, porcelain, linen, steel, stone… and an undeniable dedication to craft and detail. 

ADDRESS and the Waterfall Gallery were a great venue for Propellor to show a number of new lighting designs along with some of our greatest hits. Among the new pieces that we showed were the Ono light, our Ono Steel pendant light in two sizes and our Adanac chandelier made from ash. We also used ash wood and brass fittings to create a blonde version of our Myco light sculpture. And, of course we took the opportunity to make another edition of our Range sculptures. 

Thanks to Kate Duncan for including us in this fine show. It was a great opportunity to see our work hang alongside the inspired makings of a great group of Vancouver creatives. Check ADDRESS out on instagram for a closer look. 

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Pia Desk

The last coat of oil and beeswax finish has cured and so today we are shipping out this custom designed desk that we've named Pia, after it's new owner. The reclaimed douglas fir that it's made from comes from number of sources. The main body of the desk is made from beautiful tight grained fir salvaged from the shelves of an old bookstore. The drawer fronts are fir as well, bearing layers of paint and patina from their previous life as ship-lap siding (we've been warehousing this wood for a few years waiting for the right commission to use it).