Orée Light

Orée, from the French Canadian phrase à l’orée du bois, or, on the edge of the woods, is a light sculpture that embodies both the visual rhythm of the forest and the warmth of the sun that animates it.

Our work is often informed by the half-hidden geometries that abound in nature. Our new Orée Light is no exception. Drifting by a backlit stand of poplar trees in our canoe this spring, we were struck by the sublime symmetries of the forest lit by the morning sun. The Orée Light is our effort to distill our observations of the forest into a form that captures it’s beauty and energy. 

The Orée Light is hand-crafted from solid hardwood, oiled and buffed to a satin sheen. It is lit with an ultra-efficient LED light that accentuates the natural warmth of the rich hardwood. Each hanging wooden element is suspended independently, allowing for subtle animation when exposed to moving air.

Orée's shape, size and wood species can be tailored to suit the requirements of any project.