Meridian Pendant Lights

The Meridian light is a simple expression of form, quietly implying motion; like the paths of electrons around a nucleus or planets around our sun. Whether hanging individually or in groupings, the Meridian has a (clean, harmonious, fresh, simple, strong, welcome) sculptural presence. 

The Meridian is made from standard birch or walnut woods and comes in 16”, 24”, 30”, 36” and 42” diameters. Custom groupings and configurations can be designed to suit your space. 

There are a number of custom finish options for the Meridian series including:

  • Custom painted interiors or exteriors. Your paint colours can be matched for a custom finish.

  • Gold, rose gold or silver leaf interiors. Metal leafed interiors on black stained eastern walnut.

For detailed information and pricing on all lights in the Meridian series, please click on Meridian pendant light information and pricing below or contact us with your questions.

download Meridian pendant light information & pricing here