Ono Distressed Aluminum Pendant Light

Sometimes a design is born out of an over abundance of energy. Sometimes we set aside digital tools and drawing in favour of following another path of exploration, manipulating a physical material. Take a material and put it to the test, beat it, thrash it, work it until it begins to suggest something other than what it appears to be. Work it until it begins to soften or wilt or disintegrate. How do you make metal appear soft? How do you get aluminum to imply it’s organic nature? After all, it comes from the earth. Industry refines it until smooth, flat, orderly, then machines it until it is sleek, crisp and homogenous. 

With the Ono lights we have found another side of aluminum. We have made the most of it’s malleability, beating the metal then working it back toward smoothness and then beating it again until it begins to take on the texture of a crumpled sheet of paper, revealing creases, crags and wrinkles that look almost topographical.