Myco 92" x 64" Hardwood LED Light Sculpture

With the Myco light we have created a form that is crisp and rational yet implies the randomness and beauty of organic growth. The Myco gives off a soft ambient light, resembling starlight, perfect for conversation around the dinner table or to add atmosphere to a larger space.

Like much of our work, The Myco, is inspired by forms and sublimated geometries that exist everywhere in nature. In this case, our observations of the mycelial root structures of mushrooms became the inspiration for the abstracted branching forms of the Myco. 

The Myco is designed as a modular branching system that can be scaled to meet the demands of different spaces - from a small grouping of branches to hang above an intimate dining room table, to an expansive network of branches that becomes a canopy of light in a public space.

The Myco light is handcrafted from ash, black walnut or white oak with attention given to crisp joinery. No glue is used in it’s assembly, only mechanical fasteners. Each branch is hand-sanded (with a good deal of elbow grease) and finished with a non-toxic, no VOC finish comprised of several coats of pure linseed oil and beeswax. The Myco is lit with energy efficient and long-lasting LED lights that accentuate the natural warmth of the rich hardwood.

We invest a great deal of craftsmanship into each Myco light, taking satisfaction from it’s fit and finish. We believe that unique design, plus quality materials, plus embodied craftsmanship equals work that will have a very long life. We design and build each Myco with the expectation that it will long outlast us.

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